Monday, July 27, 2015

Poop, accidents, and families - 7/27/15

Well, leaving Antsirabe was hard...very Hard, BUT! I got to drive Haylee (the car) down to Tana which was really nice, and as we arrived into the office....just a couple tears were shed for that beautiful car....But then I met my Swag comp Elder Delbar and we got straight to work.
For some people who don't know what Mahamasina is.....It is a mountain with many many many stairs. Haha I got used to being in a car for 8 months having my ara-saina work over time, and now I get to be in Mahamasina where my bowels and legs are working over time and are on fire. It's SO SWAG! I love this area so much! I got to meet a lot of the people that Elder Christiansen and Fox knew. And we get to teach about 13, 14 investigator families, and are working on about 9 or 10 less active Melchezidek priesthood holders. Its SO MUCH FUN HERE! Haha
This week though we felt that satan was really trying to stop the work, just with how sick Elder Delbar and I have been. Once you enter Tana...I don't know...your body just gets sick. And so it's kind of embarrassing to be tracting and before you even introduce yourself you just ask if you can use their bathroom....BUT HEY! It let us into the home and we were able to contact some families! Then on Tuesday I had a bit of an accident on the way to a lesson, BUT! Again I was very glad that I felt impressed to bring an extra pair of clothes! So the WORK CONTINUES! Then on Wednesday I ended up falling into a sewage drain, BUT AGAIN the work KEEPS GOING! And we found a REALLY Rich guy who wants to learn the gospel! So that was a bonus :) Then on Thursday we were trying to cross the street and a huge truck came and was trying to turn which was good because he stopped traffic for us....BUT!! A moto came and passed through a little crack and was going really fast toward me and hit me. I am alright though! Don't worry mom! When the moto hit me it was the weirdest thing because I ended up just rolling off of it and then I just got up and was fine. Sure I felt a little sore afterwards, but the guy on the motorcycle was pretty scraped and bleeding. So we made sure he was ok, and then we went to go eat some rice because I was hungry after that :) THEN we found another rich guy who wants to learn the gospel and we felt that satan was trying to stop the work, but because of the lord's protection we were able to conquer!! SO! Even though this was a very poopy week. It was AWESOME! I love Mahamasina.
Sunday I got to bear my testimony and I am SO SURPRISED by how many betsileo people are there. Everyone just wants to speak betsileo with me which is more than fine with me, but I just didnt expect it at all. It was also weird just sitting there on the bench.....And not doing anything.....I wanted to just....mandary anjara....It was super weird...Super super weird.....Now we just need to work with the bishop and have him start doing ward council every week. It's SO important to have ward council every week! If you don't believe me then read Handbook 2. And then repent, and do it.
Other then that Tana is great. I have missed Tana and its good to be back. On Sunday we also had President Mampiononas kids come down to Tana for vacation and they prayed at our church! So I got to see my favorite family in Madagascar again. They are the best!
Well.... I think that's that, but I love you all and hope you are having a great time in America. Just don't be complacent. If you find yourself satisfied with where you are at right now then satan has already won. At that point you are not trying to change, and to grow and in a sense you are not repenting. So Change always. Don't be satisfied with where you are at right now. One of my favorite quotes that Elder Coleman shared with me is. "There is no comfort in the growth zone, and no growth in the comfort zone" If you are comfortable then STOP IT! Izay ilay Izy.

Elder Lehr

Monday, July 20, 2015

Rano Maso - 7/20/15

Dang.... Elder did you ever survive leaving Madagascar? Just leaving Fort Dona is destroying me. Fr. Ony and Ando were crying, I was crying, and bebe was laughing, and doda was making weird faces, and Michaella was asking for my scarf, and I am just destroyed inside....And Ando's cooking.....Is still pretty much the same, and tonga Tampka be by tay so I had to go to the V.C :) 

Yesterday as we were leaving Ony and Ando for the last was a realization that it would be the last time I would see that wonderful, beautiful place. Why Letie! So malahelo right now.....BUT! I am going to a place called Mahamasina where Elder Christiansen used to serve so I am super happy to serve the people there and my new companion is Elder Delbar. What a studly man. :) It's going to be pretty awesome. Also Elder Yeagley is going to replace me and be with Elder Razafindretsetra. The lucky shmuck. :p

So our new recent convert Eliena is SO AWESOME! (Yes Elder Christiansen she was baptized) :) She is just on fire and I am so glad for it.  

Oh! The house in Besoa is almost finished! We......They are going to put on the roof next week, and thatch all the bozaka, it's going to be awesome.  

Well....other then that I am kind of at a loss of words. I have already ran out of tears, so I will keep it short. Because "If the grass is long, then the pig will be lost, if you talk too long then all the goodness is lost." That is my wisdom of the day... (That plagerism is specifically for you Elder Christiansen)


Elder Lehr

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Heart is in the Dona - 7/13/15

Service project pics at a school in Manandona (Thanks to Elder Coleman for use of the pictures)

Looks like Elder Lehr got a bit of a haircut

Dear Family,

I don't even know what to say....  I am so grateful to have served in this area. I am super sad that I will be leaving it. It really is true though, the more you give...the More you will gain...and I definitely feel like this area has been the place I have gained the most....haha I had some members ask if they could sign a petition and send it to the mission president to have me just Mandrapa faty here. Haha I even had the Sunday School president tell me that he would give me about 5 hectares of land so that I could stay here in Manandona....(Those 5 acres are in an area where there are a lot of robbers....but I like the thought).....It's truly been just the greatest of areas. 1 more week of trying to do everything I can to help the people here and then we shall see what happens. It's exciting....but just so crushing at the same time since I love these people so much.

WE HAD A BAPTISM THOUGH!!! Haha It was kind of funny though. When we went over to the river and I started to baptize her....well the way her knees were positioned I ended up falling in right after her....haha REDO!!! It was a good baptism though, and she is SO AWESOME! She has such a strong testimony and I think can offer so much here. She has a goal to go on a mission in a year and is trying to prepare now for her sacrifice. SO AWESOME!!

Hmm...besides that we had the thing on Thursday which was kind of fun....We went over to Manandona and went over to the pumps that the Richards had put in, and got to be with the district president in representing the church for....the Fampisehoana....Ya....And got to take pics, and make friends with the deputy of Antsirabe and the Regional water minister for the Vakanakaritra area. It was interesting and a little weird but cool that we got to represent the church and talk to people about why we do these projects and what not. The Deputy was super awesome and we became pretty good friends in that little time and he wants to meet with us again which I think is great.
Other than That.....I love you all and will talk to ya next week.


Elder Lehr

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Filoha Tongotra - 7/6/15

Haha What an amazing week this has been. We had splits, more splits, have a person getting Baptized AND had a surprise visit by President Foote. Holy Cow this man is AMAZING! Haha I love President Adams and am grateful for all he has done, but it was amazing to meet with him and just know that he has been called to be here at this time for The mission. We had a great talk and are going to continue talking about Manandona, and all the Jazz here.  I know that President Foote will receive revelation about what needs to happen here, and I am in full support of him.

Other then that, WE ARE HAVING A BAPTISM!! Haha I am SUPER EXCITED!! WHAAAAUGH!!! Haha, We also had President Foote pray with us in Manandona and it was super awesome! The way that I would describe him is just a huge lovable Bear. He is so awesome and it was amazing to see the members just fall in love with him right then. I think we are in good hands.

Oh! On Saturday we were with Frere Ony and his wife and their Bebe, who's birthday it was on said Saturday, and She was having me ROLLING!! I don't know if it would even translate well into English but I was just dying and I love bebes. They are so awesome! 

Things are going great in branch council, and we are setting things up for some change in the branch. Trying to get some heavy training in Handbook 2 and hopefully that will be able to be a Launch pad for some more progression.

Thanks so much for all your prayers this week. I have truly felt the hand of the Lord this week, and I know that most of it has come from prayers from on the other side of the world. Thank you so much.


Elder Lehr

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Burned out in the last 100 meters - 6/29/15

Several weeks ago elder Coleman gave a wonderful lesson about the 400 meter race. He talked about how in the 400 meter sprint for track, it is one of the most horrible inventions ever made by man. You start in by sprinting for the 1st 100, by the 2nd and 3rd 100 meters you are holding it out just trying to not go all out, and then...At the last of the 100 meters...When literally you have nothing left. When Everything is literally drained... You dig down, and find something. An expert in the 400 meter race talked about different strategies to do for it, but all he said about the last 100 meters was "Pray. Just pray to whatever you can, whether it be God, Budah, or some other being. you have got to dig down where there is nothing left and try to grab on to something." 

This analogy of the 400 meter race is pretty much what i feel right now. I am in the last part of the 400 meter race.....and frankly i am burned out. I have thought these last couple days...if there really is anything left that i can dig deep down to....if there really is anything that i can grab on too....i have tried....i am trying, but only in a few precious moments have i been able to grab on to something, and then it leaves for me to continue digging. I love this branch. I love it with all my heart, and i would do anything for it....But i feel as if i have withered away to who knows what. Even though being filled with fear.....I know that the atonement is there. I have felt it before. I know its real, and i feel that maybe right now its just time to have faith that....Maybe thats all i can really try to do right just know that he is there even though for the most part i cant feel it right now. 

The mission isnt easy. The mission is a fiery furnace where sometimes you feel more love then you feel you possess for people, and more weakness in yourself then you ever knew. A time when you feel more hope then you have ever had....and times when you feel more alone then you have ever felt.

Dont get me wrong. Things are going well right now missionary work wise, and in other areas, but i am just burned out. The antso is just way mavesitra be. But that is ok. 

On the bright side of things, we are having a baptism in 2 weeks! I am super excited for that. Eliane is such an amazing person. so incredible and just is on fire. I wish that every person could be like her. 

On saturday we had a really cool training about the sabbath day, and i learned something that was really cool for myself. Our 2nd councilor in the district presidency talked about how The sacrament is NOT a meeting for everyone, but is a meeting for "You" And the lord. A "Personal" Interview with him. If we think of the sacrament in that just made me think....How well am i using my time during that meeting? Am i preparing for that occasion throughout the week or am i just coming to church just because i know that is what i am supposed to do? I dont know, i thought it was really cool. And i am very grateful for that training we had. it was super awesome and has given me a greater appreciation for the sabbath day.

Well sorry for being long winded, and for being kind of on the down side. I really do thank you all for your support. And thank you sister moody for that scripture. It really really helped. Thank you so much.


Elder Lehr

P.S.   A quick note from Elder Lehr:

Hey mom and dad...

This is i guess part 2. from yesterday, But.... I found it.... last night, i found it....i dug deep, and felt it..... I felt the atonement. Thanks for your prayers.

But haha this has been the most interesting thing mom, and dad. I dont even know. I love it here, but i have received the strength to at least press on for a little bit more. 

But I FOUND IT! I dug deep and found it! 

Thanks again for everything. i love you both so much. I am just so grateful that i have so many people praying for me :)


Elder Lehr