Monday, November 24, 2014

The dumps the poops and the spirit - 11/24/14

This week has been pretty poopy in terms of missionary work. We had a couple branch problems come out that have just been a real pain to deal with and then I have been kind of sick this week and had to stay in Friday due to being sick.

On Sunday we have these 2 stud recent converts that are on fire in helping with the work of salvation. I think they spend about 5 hours every day just going to peoples houses to share their love for the gospel and to help bring back the lost sheep. Yesterday though they were telling me that the work is so discouraging because of the problems in the branch. So I told them that they now know what it is like to be a missionary :) Then later that day we were going to visit a recent convert that was going inactive because she doesn't feel that this church is true anymore. I had absolutely no idea what to say to help her. SO! I got these 2 studs to come with us to talk to her...And the spirit was SO SO STRONG as we were talking to this wonderful daughter of God. It was amazing to just feel the love that Heavenly Father had for all of us. And after the visit...These 2 studs told me that When they felt the spirit like that....All of their discouragement just vanished. The Lord really is in charge of this work. And it was a miracle to have that happen.

We also have this new family. Laoma and Christine, and the bebe with the huge Tumor on her neck. They are all absolutely incredible! They are reeieving this gospel SO WELL! They have an amazing desire to read the Book of Mormon and to find out if this is true. Laoma works at the taxi brus station and so his schedule mifadimby(s) "It switches" all the time. He has a drinking and tobacco problem, but his desire to change is so immense that I have no doubt he will be able to overcome it. He is an incredible individual, and I think can be such an amazing help here in the branch.
We had a baptism on Saturday. Fanasina from the other elders area got baptized. And then the 2 from the south never showed up. It was a way good meeting, even though it took forever.
We also went to the sunday school president's house way out in the boonies because a member of his family died. So we went over and began to sing songs with them to mankahery them. When all of a sudden one of the drunk family members outside of the house just started to scream like she had a devil inside. It was super scary, but at the same time there was a special peace in the house because of the music that was there and the holy ghost that we could all feel.
We are still alive...making amazing food, and just having a blast here in Fianarantsoa. Yesterday we made chili and breadsticks, which was super good.
Anywhos I love you all.
Amin'ny manaraka
Elder Lehr
P.S. Tiavo ny namanao, sy ny fianakavianao tahaka ny tenanao!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Swaggy zone, and spanish rice - 11/17/14

Akory Aby O!
WOW! It seems like so much has happened in the states. Dances, parties, and all the aniya over there. holy cow!
This week, we have had a blast with Elder Rigby and Elder Johnson. Such amazing guys. So kind hearted, and just exactly what we need for Fianaransoa. We have tried to do dinners and different things together. For example yesterday I made some pretty awesome spanish rice and tortillas. SO GOOD. But also it's brought a wonderful spirit to the area by having these wonderful Elders with us.
New Investigators: We tracted into some people that were near our area whose names are Prisca, Bruno, and others. They are so awesome. (They were SO DRUNK when we came to them, but they were still awesome). Haha Bruno's kids are SO CUTE! It really makes me want to adopt a little black girl when the time comes. Bruno, though was super receptive to our message. And we were able to introduce them to the other elders in whose areas they live in. Besides Bruno, we have Mon. Francois who is a really fun guy. He prays in third person but he is pretty cool. SUPER Friendly, but he has promised us that he will come to church on Sunday. Super excited for that.
Branch: Well, the branch is still....Going :) We have really been trying to have these members help us in this work, and a lot of them have just had the fire of testimony snuffed out. We have been trying to figure out how we can rekindle the fire that they once felt so that they will be able to be a light unto others, and not just a soppy piece of poi. :)
Mom, just to let you know, Sister Adams called and told me that they would bring the packages when they come down to zone conference on the 13th of December...So it will just be a little longer till I get those.
OH! I almost forgot a story that happened this week. So on Thursday we were teaching a recent convert when all of a sudden my stomach was starting to growl and to cramp up. As I realized what was going to happen in not to long. We ended the lesson right there and tried to go on a direct course toward home. The only problems were that the cramps were getting worse and worse and about half way home, I knew that if I didn't go somewhere at that point in time.....That something very very very bad was going to happen... So I went forth down a hill and saw about 50 meters away an OpĂȘn VC (Outhouse) and preceded forth to the hallowed building. The only problem is that once your eyes see an actual area in which you can mivoaka then your body automatically starts to prepare for it. SO!, as the door was being closed, I almost had one of the most horrible accidents that I could have had on the mission as the cramps in my stomach released and pain was relieved in my being in order to mivoaka tsara. Ary ny zava-nitranga dia izao "Aminy alalany fahasoavan'Atra, Tsy nisy ny accident." (and this is what came to pass. "Through the grace of God, There was no accident that occurred.)
In order to end this letter properly, I will talk about one of the tender mercies that I have received this week. During Sunday I had the opportunity to get a blessing from Elder Mack, in the which I felt rejuvenated for this work, and I know that the priesthood is a real power, and when we were done...We went out and not 3 minutes later, we found a family ready and wanting to learn. I am so grateful for a companion that cares and would do anything to help me, and me him. I Know that God knows who we are and that if we but look forward to him, we will find true happiness.

Elder Lehr

Monday, November 10, 2014

A New Turn - 11/10/14

Akory Aby o!
Guess what!? Fianarantsoa is officially a zone! WHOA! So exciting. Elder Rigby is coming to be the ZL along with Elder Johnson. SO MUCH FUN! They should be coming on Wednesday so that will be really fun.
This week has been full of awesomeness. Elder Mack and I have continued in our contacting and have found a couple more potential investigators. I am pretty excited for that. Also we had splits this week where I went with Elder Glazier and Elder Coleman. They are really great elders and are super good at the language. When I went with Elder Glazier.....those bikes destroyed me. Biking up hill on those mountains is absolutely crazy. Every time I cant see where I am going due to the excess of sweat on my face, but we found a couple more families, and taught some really great times.
With Elder Coleman......Haha all of our times dropped and so we just contacted, and we ended up going to Elder Ralaivo's family and their grandma who was kind of crazy needed a blessing. We did have a good time after that :)
On Sunday we did a musical number where we sang "I know that my Redeemer lives" in Malagasy, and it was way awesome. I am very grateful that I have been able to be with Elder Mack....Just to sing :) 

There was also a way cool ward activity that we had on Saturday with both branches. It was way fun, and it really helped everyone to know each other better and to help investigators and others to feel welcome.
I feel bad that I don't have a lot to say right now. I am kind of scared of next transfer....We shall see what happens next but it will definitely be an adventure.

Elder Lehr

Monday, November 3, 2014

Hehe hehe, DONE! - 11/3/14

Looks like Elder Mack isn't as scary as Elder Lehr

IT'S DONE! The house finding is done! Haha we can actually have a normal week of work! :) :) :)
This week was actually really fun. We had the zone leaders come down on Wednesday, and then the APS came down on Thursday. We did a lot of really good splits and just had a great time. I learned that a really cool way to find people is just street contacting. It is a perfect way to continually having people in your schedule that can learn. It also allows us to use our time more effectively. I thought it was pretty swag :)
OH! Here is something that is pretty interesting! So you remember how awhile ago we went to do an English class thing, and we got shown on national television? So....Now they have been showing that every single morning for the past month or so....And as such the assistants were like "Hmm.....maybe we should just cut all connections with them and tell them to not show that ad anymore." It's kind of needed as well since we were tracting a couple of times and they look at me and say "Oh! You are the American at the school that teaches English!"......Yep.....Not really in accordance with my calling.
Also I got to kiss a lemur...So that was way fun :) When we went and contacted this family and they had a pet lemur. She was kind of masika but that is ok. :) Lemurs are pretty swag :)
Haha things are still going really really awesome with Elder Mack. We are having one balling time here in Madagascar. We sing, dance, and do SO MUCH Fun things :) But still keep the rules :) His Malagasy is really coming along. Haha it was pretty funny since we ran into someone from Tana, and it was even hard for me to understand him since he had this THICK Merina accent. Elder Mack was just like "What the heck!?" YEYE Already used to the Betsileo accent :) That's my boy!
So, one of the really cool things that I learned this week, is that Heavenly Father really does hear our prayers. Before we began the day Elder Mack had asked that we find people who are prepared and ready to here the gospel and to accept it. Thus we found a family that is absolutely baller. It was amazing as that happened. I really do know that God lives and that he knows each of us. He really is with us learning this language and learning to love the people. I know that to be true.
Next time!

Elder Lehr

P.S. 1st. I feel that Noelle still has to write me about all the ballroom stuff that has happened along with her 10 pages of band tour

2nd. This is a really cool Malagasy proverb
"Tiavo ny namanao
Tahaka ny tenanao" Or "Love your friend like yourself"
3rd. In the next package that you guys do send.....I would love it if you could send like 3 really big bags of skittles and sour gummy worms..... :) and then 4-5 packages of Lindor chocolate :) I love that stuff and miss it. :)
4th. Haha those pics made me trunky! O gosh! I want nothing more than to just be with you guys. Also Noelle and Nicole have become real beauties. They are way attractive :)
5th. I cant wait to go to Grandpa!!!! Wow I have missed him so much. We definitely do need to plan visiting him when I get back.....As soon as we are done having the Thanksgiving feast :) haha :)
So, I haven't been able to teach piano yet because of the general conference, but it's crazy to think that I only have 6 more weeks in this area. SO CRAZY!! Can you all believe that I will have been in Fianarantsoa for 7 months! I am about to hit my11 month mark. DANG!
It seems Christian is having the time of his life at the Miracle Mcdonalds......Dang that would be nice to have at least one here in Madagascar.....Elder Fox got an email from a friend in the Philippines telling him that 1 out of the 3 Mcdonalds was destroyed due to something and then he said in parenthesis (The Struggles of a third world country) Then Elder Fox and I about threw the computer and were like WHAT THE HECK! AT LEAST YOU GUYS HAVE A MCDONALDS!! Hah it was funny.
And Aunt Deter emailed me :)