Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What the families already think i am dying???? - 10/19/15

So....all the families have just been crying this week and just telling me how sad they are of when I leave. And I am just like "What the garglemesh!??? I am not even dying yet!" Lety e! Already telling me that I need to attend their weddings and funerals and need to return and do a vacation. And now that my younger brother is home from his doesn't help with all of the mahatrunkiness! Haha

Tsy maninona! Things are still going great. We had a lot of times and families fall through this week, BUT!! our attendance is just growing growing growing AND We had Tolotra and his family come to church and stay for all 3 meetings!!! YESSS!!!  So COOL! yeye yeye

Fredo and Miriam are just balling it up like it's no ones business, and bringing their kids and other family to church. Man...just so many balling families. :)

We have been having our recent converts wanting to come with us and teach people which is super fun! They are going ham, and want to share this gospel and learn it so bad. We had Roger come with us yesterday and he shared a powerful testimony to holy benwa and his family and I was just like "STUD!!" Yeye :) Then we went and taught Arnough and Julie and he again just encouraged them to visit each other because he loves getting visits, and they agreed.

SO! Highlights of the week: We are getting our recent converts visiting each other, and getting members as well to visit them more. 2. Attendance going WAY UP! 3. Ward going ham on getting less actives back, and 4. I got to go on a split with my son, AND ELDER WISCOMBE! Haha it was SO MUCH FUN! We taught a guy who is deaf, and talked in Malagasy sign language, and then we taught a couple more times and got to see my son (Elder Mack) and Elder Wiscombe teach. Also Elder Rasolofonirina came with us from 2-the end, and we had SO MUCH FUN! Haha I got to see their family and have a soire with them....and it just made me realize that Madagascar is always going to have a special place in my life. I am just so sad that it is far away. Going to have to drop Dough for calling people back here. :)

Not so highlights. we got dogged a lot this week and it was kind of mahakivy but that is ok :) We just pressed on, and are looking at the good of the week. 

This new week we are having zone conference, and then are having Elder Hallstrom from the Presidency of the 70 teach us in the Manakambahiny stake. Elder Bednar will be at the North stake, and he asked that all missionaries and members go to their assigned areas to hear the message. Kind of sad, but it's ok :)

Things are great. Trying not to be too trunky from the pics of Christian being home, but hey :) That's life.


Elder Lehr

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