Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New transfer, new changes - 10/12/15

Well! Its final, I get to stay in Mahamasina! SO EXCITED! 

It would stink really bad if I had to leave all of these incredible families, but! It's all fine now because I know that I am going to stay :)

With every transfer its basically like the new year. You make new (Transfer) resolutions and make new goals. I am super excited for the opportunity to make new goals and to try to be better this transfer then last. I love this work.

Yesterday we had Fredo come to church, but Miriam had to work. I was super sad, but it's ok. We are teaching them how to do a family home evening today and it's going to be a blast! Fredo hasn't smoked for almost 3 weeks! It's been really incredible to see his progression, and love for the gospel. They are just going ham , and I love how every Sunday our DMP goes with them and walks them home. During this time, Fredo expressed to Victor how the desire to smoke has completely left him and he truly feels like a changed person. SO COOL!

So exciting thing happening this week is Wednesday. I get to go on a split with my SON (Elder Mack)! Haha I am super excited! I guess my trainer is going to be with us the entire day and then we are going to see his family that night and I get to meet all of his family! Haha Yeye yeye! Then hopefully Elder Wiscombe and Elder Brown will be in the apartment so that I can see them one last time before their missions are done. 

Besides that we have been working with our recent converts John and Roger.We are still working with John...Hopefully he will go on his mission. I'm not saying that a person is any less if they don't go, but at the same time it just helps SO MUCH! You change and change from a boy into...well still a boy, but much more of a man...if that makes sense. It's just so cool! You learn things that would literally take a life time to learn in 2 years. 

OH! Our new house is going to be me, Elder Morse, Elder Kissi, and then Elder Wootan. It's going to be a balling house! I am super sad that Elder Hammer is moving to Tamatave...but that's life. He will have a great time there.

.....Other then that....tsy haiko......

Love ya all! Thanks for your prayers!


Elder Lehr

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