Sunday, November 8, 2015

O my diggy giddy aunt! - 11/2/15

Conference was super great Saturday and Sunday. I learned a whole lot, and was super grateful for it.
I can't even relay my feelings about the next coming weeks. So weird and surreal. Haha I seriously just need to get international calling when I get home so that I can speak with my family here all the time :)
We had some great splits this week and I got to go with Elder Kelsh in 67 which was super fun. Talk a couple of times and got to talk to some people from Sambava who are tsy mihety who are SUPER COOL!
Things are going well here in Mahamasina.
Elder Morse is awesome just as usual and I love being with him. It's been a beautiful companionship, and SO MUCH FUN! :)
Nothing much really to say this week..... Except that things are well and I am still grateful to be here.
Am-pitavana Elder lehr

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